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10 part-time jobs that pay weekly

10 part-time jobs that pay weekly 

Since the beginning of part-time jobs, there is no one who would refuse to make money with less effort. Everyone requires various kinds of services and now College students, housewives, teenagers, travelers, remote job seekers and stay at home parents can easily make an extra dollar by providing those services. Many jobs now pay on a weekly and hourly basis and are highly beneficial for students living in apartments who have to arrange for rent every month without a steady income or job.

Part-time jobs are now available that pay you weekly for steady jobs while you are attending classes or working a regular job. Being a student usually means being broke and with almost 8 hours of classes, every day the last thing you want to do is head out for another 5-hour shift, to make some pocket money. Part-time jobs are perfect not only for earning income on the side but gives you the freedom to be your own boss, where you also have to manage your time and be disciplined. You can also learn transferable skills, build a professional network, meet new people with similar interests, have time to eat right and exercise, independent working - choose the amount of work and the amount of time you can allot to it and you also earn money and learn time management.

If you have the time and patience to work a part-time job, teens, students, stay at home parents, homeschooled children anyone can pick up a part-time job and earn a few extra bucks.
Below is a set of part-time jobs that you can choose from based on your skills. You may like to read Earn paypal money instantly - make money online fast

1. Call Reviewing

For those who enjoy spending time browsing through their phones can make money with inbound customer service calls or conduct quality checks on customer service calls for companies. Call recordings of customer services will be sent to you to for a quality check, where you will be required to check if the customer was given adequate attention, correct information and overall performance of customer satisfaction. Many companies offer a weekly payment via PayPal for part-time workers.

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2. Freelance Writer

Budding writers who find themselves stuck with unpublished write-ups can start earning money by working as a part-time writer. The job is based on whether or not you enjoy writing and are willing to experiment with new topics.

Many companies and Individual businesses require content for their websites to promote and explain their brands or products to their customers. If you own a smartphone or a laptop, you can easily start writing short articles and reviews for businesses and start earning weekly. Have a look at Low Carb Vegetables to have in Keto Diet

3. Translator

If you own the knowledge of more than one language fluently, you can become a translator. From translating documents to books, there are various options available for translators based on their expertise. Age is no bar as long as you have the skills to deliver quality material.

Being a translator is a job that pays weekly or bi-weekly or monthly based on your convenience. Students are recommended to apply for jobs as a translator as they already learn a second language at school and the job is an easy way to gain experience and earn money part-time. You may like to read How to get grease stains out of clothes

4. Online Tutoring

Any subject or skill you find yourself exceptionally good at, can easily be monetized. You can be in school, college, a full-time worker or stay at home, anyone can place their skills online for a price.

You will not have to travel anywhere to provide classes to students as long as you have a laptop, a decent internet connection and a webcam you can be anywhere in the world to share your skills. Photography lessons, music lessons, cooking lessons, math, history or anything that you can think of that can be taught online can be monetized. Read also Car Insurance for New and young Drivers in USA

5. Transcriber

If you enjoy watching movies and listening to music, why not get paid to do it? A well-paying side hustle for anyone who is looking to earn a few extra dollars while working part-time. Some transcribing jobs pay weekly, some jobs pay hourly and some pay on an hourly basis via PayPal and you are responsible for how much work you can handle and how much money you make.

All you need to do is listen to audio files like lectures, podcasts, and interviews and convert them into written format and identify the speakers. Transcribing jobs can pay anywhere between $20-$100 per audio hour and payments are made weekly via PayPal. You may like to read 5 Surveys that make you money online

6. Website/App Tester

As a user tester, you can get paid up to $10 for every website or app you test. A part-time job that pays via PayPal every seven days. As a tester, you will be responsible to test new apps and websites before they hit the market and your reviews are what you are paid for. The more testing you conduct, the more you get paid and you can easily make up to $50 a week.

7. Rent out your Car/Space

If you own a reasonably big house and find yourself paying for all the bills alone, it can sum to a large amount to eventually handle alone. A part-time job, where you can either rent extra space in your house to someone or rent your car to friends and neighbors for reasonable weekly payments. While having a full-time job, you can also earn extra cash on the side every week. You may like to read Jobs that Pay Weekly - Part-time Jobs

8. Babysitting/Pet sitting

A part-time job that pays daily or weekly via cash or PayPal is to BabySit or Pet Sit for your friends, family or neighbors. The job will require you to take care of the essential needs of the baby or the pet and a few hours of work every few days a week can earn you a good amount of extra money. Students are highly recommended for this part-time job as it does not require a lot of time investment and the payment is upfront.

9. Sell your Art

Artists like photographers, painters, designers or illustrators can very well now sell their art online for a seasonal price. Though this technique, may not make you rich overnight: in the long run, it may help you build contacts and experience that may help you sell your art professionally. Many websites charge a commission fee for every item sold, which is quite a bargain for a part-time job. Have a look at  Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home for Beginners

10. Teach English

Online or offline, the demand for English tutors is rising alarmingly. Many of those who are not native English speakers, find it difficult to find jobs due to lack of communication skills and English being the Mother tongue of the world is it important to be able to converse in English. English tutors can get certified online and start tutoring people from around the globe both online and offline. Payments can be made weekly, monthly or daily based on your convenience via cash or PayPal.

Having a part-time job reduces the stress of paying multiple bills all at once. Once a month salary does not come close to fulfilling expenses and having a less stressful part-time job can help you meet your financial or personal needs. Part-time jobs can easily be found near you that pay you according to your financial needs.

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