Tim Gauntt age, Janine Turner brother, wiki, biography

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Tim Gauntt birthplace is United States. Tim Gauntt is famous and well known as brother of Janine Turner. Tim Gauntt sister Janine Turner is an American actress, author, public speaker, and the creator and co-chair of Constituting America 2010.

Tim Gauntt age, wiki, biography

Tim Gauntt place of birth is United States. Tim Gauntt Parents are Janice Loraine Gauntt and Turner Maurice Gauntt Jr. His mother's name is Janice Loraine Gauntt and his father's name is Turner Maurice Gauntt Jr. His mother was originally known as Janice Loraine Agee. Janine Turner  was brought up in Euless and Fort Worth, Texas. He has 1 sibling. In siblings he has 1 sister. Tim Gauntt's sister's name is Janine Turner.

Tim Gauntt sister Janine Turner's birthday is on December 6, 1962 and birth place is Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S. Tim Gauntt sister has a daughter Juliette Turner-Jones, in 1997. Juliette officially changed her last name in 2006 to include the name of her father, Jerry Jones Jr., who is the son of the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Janine Turner  was formerly affianced to actor Alec Baldwin in the past. She has also been linked to Mikhail Baryshnikov, Troy Aikman, and Sylvester Stallone. Janine Turner and her daughter were residing on a longhorn cattle farm outside Dallas from 2014.

Tim Gauntt sister Janine Turner Career

At the age of 15, Janine Turner  moved away from home in 1978, to explore a career in modeling with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York City. 

The year 1980 marked the beginning of her journey in acting. She featured in many segments of the television series Dallas. Janine Turner  appeared in a Buf-Puf body sponge advertisement that aired on tv in October 1981. Through the 1980s, she continued to play cameos on TV series, prior to being cast as Laura Templeton on General Hospital. Janine Turner became dissatisfied with the kind of the roles she was receiving by 1986.  Janine Turner  travelled to New York against the advice of her agency, to polish her skills. She trained with Marcia Haufrecht of the Actors Studio in Manhattan.

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