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Vickie Lynn Hogan is Anna Nicole Smith real name. Anna Nicole Smith date of birth is November 28, 1967 and place of birth is Houston, Texas, U.S. By profession she was an American model, actress, and television personality. Smith became known when she was on the centerfold of Playboy magazine in May 1992. She was then named Playmate of the Year for 1993.

Anna Nicole Smith was a model for many different fashion firms, such as H&M, Guess, and Heatherette. Her second marriage, which took place in 1994 and was well publicized, was to the 89-year-old billionaire J. Howard Marshall. It caused some to think that she married him for his money, an accusation that she strongly refuted. After Marshall passed away in 1995, Anna Nicole Smith  immediately launched a long court struggle in order to get a portion of Marshall's fortune. Her cases were being heard by the Supreme Court of the United States: Marshall v. Marshall, which included an issue of federal jurisdiction, and Stern v. Marshall, which involved a question of the power of bankruptcy courts. In February of 2007, Anna Nicole Smith  passed away in Hollywood, Florida, after an overdose that was the result of many drugs. Anna Nicole Smith is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. 

Anna Nicole Smith's admirers are currently looking for information on Anna Nicole Smith daughter, height, weight, net worth, wiki, husband, marriages, larry birkhead and more. Here on Pocketnewsalert we have whole details about her. Anna Nicole Smith has become a huge star and majority of the people know her.

    Anna Nicole Smith age, wiki, biography

    Anna Nicole Smith's birthday is on November 28, 1967 and birth place is Houston, Texas, U.S. Her age as of the date she passed away which was February 8, 2007 is 39 years. Sagittarius is her birth sign. Her Parents are Virgie Arthur and Donald Hogan. Her mother's name is Virgie Arthur and her father's name is Donald Hogan. Her father Donald Hogan was born in 1947 and passed away in 2009. Her mother was originally known as Virgie Tabers, born in the year 1951 and passed away in the year 2018. She was the only child of her mother. The majority of Smith's upbringing came from both her mother and her aunt. She has 5 half-siblings from her father's side. Her sibling Donna Hogan date of birth is May 11, 1971 and place of birth is Houston, Texas, USA. Donna is a well known Author.

    Her nationality is American and ethnicity is Caucasian. Anna Nicole Smith  received her education in Houston, where she went to Durkee Elementary School and then Aldine High School. She moved to Mexia, Texas, to live with her maternal aunt while she was in the ninth standard. Smith failed her first year of high school at Mexia High School and quit during her second year.

    Anna Nicole Smith  encountered Billy Wayne Smith, a chef at the restaurant, when she was employed at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia. The two tied the knot on April 4, 1985, when he was sixteen and she was seventeen. The couple welcomed their boy, Daniel Wayne Smith, on January 22, 1986.Smith and her husband parted ways the next year, and they got a divorce in 1993.In October of 1991, when Smith was performing at a club in Houston, she crossed paths with 86-year-old petroleum billionaire J. Howard Marshall. During the course of their two-year romance, it has been stated that Marshall showered Smith with costly presents and even asked her to marry him many times. In Houston on June 27, 1994, Smith and Marshall tied the knot, which led to the widespread belief that she had married Marshall for his financial support. She said that she loved Marshall and that the difference in their ages was irrelevant to her. Marshall passed away in Houston on August 4, 1995, when he was 90 years old. His death came thirteen months after he married Smith. In spite of the fact that Anna Nicole Smith  was not included in Marshall's will, she said that, in exchange for their marriage, Marshall had verbally given her half of his inheritance, which principally comprised of a 16% stake in Koch Industries and was valued at $1.6 billion at the time. 

    According to the claims, Anna Nicole Smith had a dependency on many prescribed drugs. In April 2006 at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, a psychiatrist claimed to have met with Anna Nicole Smith  and concluded that Anna Nicole Smith suffered from borderline personality disorder.

    Anna Nicole Smith  shared the news of her pregnancy with the world through a video clip posted on her official webpage on June 1, 2006. On September 7, 2006, Smith's baby girl, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern was born in New Providence, The Bahamas. Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole Smith  longtime attorney, stated in an interview on CNN's Larry King Live after the passing of Smith's son, that he and Anna Nicole Smith were in a relationship for ""a very long time"" and that he was convinced he was the father of the kid owing to the timing of the pregnancy. Larry Birkhead, a photographer working in the entertainment industry, insisted that he was the baby's father and launched a case to prove his paternity.  On the Bahamian birth certificate, the name Stern was listed as the father's name. In the United States, a court had given the order for DNA testing to be carried out in an attempt to identify the biological father of Smith's daughter. After Smith's passing, the attorney representing Birkhead made a request for an urgent DNA sample to be collected from Smith's corpse. A court ruled that the motion should be turned down and ordered that Smith's corpse be maintained until the 20th of February. Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, admitted on February 9, 2007, that he had an affair with Smith that lasted for 10 years and that he may be the dad of her daughter. Alexander Denk, who had previously worked for Smith as both a bodyguard and a chef, said that he had an affair with Smith and that he, too, was a possible father of the child in question. After Anna Nicole Smith  passed away, TMZ revealed that she had been issued a methadone prescription under a phony identity while she was in the eighth month of her pregnancy. The California Medical Board started looking into the situation. The physician who wrote the prescription, Sandeep Kapoor, referred to his medication as "sound and appropriate." In April of 2007, a court in the Bahamas declared that DNA testing had conclusively proved Birkhead as Smith's daughter's biological dad. After that, Birkhead submitted an application to have his name added to an altered birth certificate as the child's dad. This made it possible for him to be able to get a passport for the child so that they could go to the United States together. Stern did not challenge the DNA findings or the verdict, and Birkhead and the baby were allowed to go back to the United States. Virgie Arthur attempted to overturn the decision by filing an appeal; however, her appeal was dismissed, and she was required to pay the court's costs.

    Daniel Wayne Smith, who was 20 years old and the son of Anna Nicole Smith passed away on September 10, 2006 in the hospital room where he was visiting his mother and her newborn child. The results of an autopsy revealed that he had passed away from an overdose of many medications. A judge in the Bahamas came to the conclusion that Daniel's death was due to an accidental overdose of medications and recommended there be no criminal proceedings. On September 21, 2006, a death certificate was granted for Daniel, which allowed for his burial to take place. Smith stayed in the Bahamas with Dannielynn and Stern whilst her son's family in the United States held a funeral service for him on October 7, 2006 in Mexia. On October 19, 2006, about six weeks after his passing, Daniel was laid to rest in the Lake View Cemetery located in New Providence. Stern asserts that Smith's loss of her son left her in a condition of utter devastation."

    During a low-key commitment ceremony held in the Bahamas on September 28, 2006, Anna Nicole Smith  and Stern got married. In front of a Baptist pastor, they declared their love for one another and promised to always be there for one another, but the ceremony did not result in the issuance of a marriage license, and it did not constitute a legally binding marriage. Photos taken at the wedding were purchased by People magazine via Getty Images for close to one million dollars.

    On February 8, 2007, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino located in Hollywood, Florida, Anna Nicole Smith was discovered unconscious. Before Smith's bodyguard took over, Smith's bodyguard's wife, who was an emergency registered nurse, conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for fifteen minutes. After receiving word from his wife about Smith's condition, he had returned to the hotel. Smith's bodyguard, who was also a qualified paramedic, reportedly phoned the hotel front desk from Smith's room on the sixth floor at around 1:38 p.m. local time, as stated by Chief Charlie Tiger of the Seminole Police Department. The front desk worker placed a call to the hotel security guard, who in turn dialed the emergency services number 911.CPR was started at 1:45 p.m. by the bodyguard, and it continued until the paramedics came. Anna Nicole Smith was transported to the Memorial Regional Hospital at 2:10 p.m., but she was declared dead as soon as she arrived at the facility at 2:49 p.m. An investigation was conducted with the assistance of the Seminole police department as well as a number of independent forensic pathologists and toxicologists. The Broward County Medical Examiner and forensic pathologist Joshua Perper lead the inquiry. According to the announcement made by Perper, Smith passed away as a result of "combined drug intoxication". Her body did not contain any traces of illicit substances. According to the findings of the official investigation, there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding her passing, and it was not caused by a crime, a suicide, or anything natural. In addition, a official version of the autopsy report was made available to the general public on March 26, 2007, and it may be accessed on the internet.

    The memorial service for Smith was conducted on March 2, 2007, in the Bahamas.

    Smith's attorney, Eric Lund, was the one who drafted her will, and it was executed on July 30, 2001, in the city of Los Angeles, California. Smith designated her son Daniel to be the only heir of her wealth. She expressly disinherited any of her other children and appointed Stern as the executor of her will. At the time of her passing, it was revealed that she had personal property worth $10,000 and real estate holdings worth $1.8 million, along with a mortgage for 1.1 million dollars. Birkhead was named as a party with interest to the estate in a plea to prove Smith's will, which was submitted in Los Angeles County Superior Court. In February 2009, a black granite memorial was put up at Smith's grave in the Bahamas."

    Talking about her agе, hеight, Wеight & bоdу

    Anna Nicole Smith height, weight: According to you what you think is the age of Anna Nicole Smith - No worries we will tell you her age in 2022 also we will let you know about her how tall, height and weight.

    Her birthdate is 11 December, 1990. Her age as in 2022 is 39 years old. She measures 5 feet 11 inches in height and her weight is 63 kg in kilograms. For majority of people, 5 feet 11 inches is an amazing height. Many people recognized Anna Nicole Smith as an American model, actress, and television personality by her tall personality. Her height and weight is perfect as per her body. She is the famous American model, actress, and television personality. Anna Nicole Smith is a difficult woman to forget. Her hair is Blonde and her eyes are Grey. 

    How much is Anna Nicole Smith Net Worth?

    Anna Nicole Smith net worth: Anna Nicole Smith is one of the wealthiest American model, actress, and television personality. Her Net Worth and Salary is talked by most of Her fans. We have no information about Anna Nicole Smith salary.

    From Her career she earns a pretty good salary. She is an American model, actress, and television personality who has a net worth of $51 million from her work/career. She is known to be one of the good paid personality in the world. She has already gained a lot of fan following on social media like twitter . She is a famous American model, actress, and television personality has made a big name for herself and is very successful in what she does and has lots of wealth and an amazing Net Worth. Anna Nicole Smith has been successful as an American model, actress, and television personality over the course of his career. As her career progresses, she keeps going to accumulate both wealth and reputation for herself. The majority of hers riches is attributable to the lengthy and fruitful career she has had in her life. She is a famous American model, actress, and television personality has made a big name for herself and is very successful in what she does and has lots of wealth and an amazing Net Worth.

    She is one of the popular American model, actress, and television personality who has always been noticed for whatever she has work. If you are new to know who is Anna Nicole Smith then it is nice to see the images, pictures of Anna Nicole Smith. You can get Her pictures, images of Anna Nicole Smith in this article, or also on Google. Her Wikipedia, biography details is given here. She has a lot more to work in her profession, and considering that fact it would be fair to say; that her net worth as well as her salary will surely increase in the coming years. As she died on  February 8, 2007 her net worth and salary has been a fullstop.

    Anna Nicole Smith daughter Dannielynn Birkhead

    Anna Nicole Smith daughter Dannielynn Birkhead: Dannielynn Birkhead's birthday is on September 7, 2006 and birth place is Nassau, Bahamas. Her age as in 2022 is 16 years. Virgo is her birth sign. Dannielynn Birkhead did a modeling campaign for Guess Kids, the clothing line for kids made by Guess, when she was six years old."Dannielynn has the same fun attitude that her mother had on a set," said Paul Marciano, one of the co-founders of Guess? The Spring 2013 collection was launched as a follow-up to the campaign.

    In addition to this, she is well-known in the world of television. Dannielynn Birkhead has been seen on a number of other television shows, including Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Access Hollywood, and others. She has also appeared in the television movie Life After Anna Nicole: The Larry & Dannielynn Story.

    Anna Nicole Smith dating, relationship, Boyfriend and Husband

    Anna Nicole Smith has dated and her boyfriend's names are Billy Wayne Smith, Donald Trump, Edward Lozzi, James Howard Marshall II, Frédéric von Anhalt, Christian Audigier, Peter Nygård, Mark ‘Hollywood’ Hatten, Howard Kevin Stern, Alexander Denk, Larry Birkhead, Gaither Ben Thompson.

    She is a married woman. Her husband's names are Billy Wayne Smith, James Howard Marshall II.

    Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Spouse

    Anna Nicole Smith has dated -

    1) Billy Wayne Smith - The first encounter between Anna and her first husband Billy Wayne Smith occurred when she was employed as a waitress at Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas. Billy worked as a Chef in the same restaurant. The duo started seeing each other in 1984. Their marriage took place on April 4, 1985. They are parents to a boy named Daniel Wayne Smith who was born on January 22, 1986. On September 10, 2006, Daniel passed away very suddenly at the age of 20 as a result of accidentally taking an excessive amount of prescription medication. Anna and her husband Billy parted ways in 1991, and their marriage officially ended in February 1993.

    2) Donald Trump - Donald Trump is an entrepreneur and TV star. During the early 1990s, Donald Trump, who later went on to become the 45th President of the United States, and Anna Nicole Smith were seen together at public occasions. The media talked about the likelihood of an affair, however neither of them publicly admitted to having a relationship. In a piece that she wrote for the National Enquirer in 2006, Anna unintentionally predicted that Donald Trump would be an excellent President and added that she would want to be his first lady if he were elected.

    3) Edward Lozzi - Edward Lozzi is an American publicist, political consultant, former White House Press Advance staffer, and writer. She and Edward were in a short relationship in the early 1990s.Anna's early passing was a tragedy. Edward mentioned to CNN that Anna was a modern-day Marilyn Monroe who was smart, funny, and humorous. She purposefully presented herself to the public as an ignorant blonde.

    4) James Howard Marshall II - In October of 1991, when Smith was performing at a club in Houston, she crossed paths with 86-year-old lawyer and government official, who turned into a petroleum billionaire J. Howard Marshall. During the course of their two-year romance, it has been stated that Marshall showered Smith with costly presents and even asked her to marry him many times. He provided financial assistance to her all the way through the difficult beginning of her career as a model, up to the time when she was named Playboy's "Playmate of the Month" in May 1992 and "Playmate of the Year" in 1993, both of which helped to launch her career in Hollywood. In Houston on June 27, 1994, Smith and Marshall tied the knot, which led to the widespread belief that she had married Marshall for his financial support. 

    Anna Smith was 26 years old and Marshall was 89 years old at the time of their marriage. She said that she loved Marshall and that the difference in their ages was irrelevant to her. Her husband Marshall passed away in Houston on August 4, 1995, when he was 90 years old. His death came thirteen months after their marriage. In spite of the fact that Smith was not included in her husband Marshall's will, she said that, in exchange for their marriage, her husband Marshall had verbally given her half of his inheritance, which principally consisted of a 16% stake in Koch Industries and was valued at $1.6 billion at the time. Anna and Everett Pierce Marshall had a lengthy legal dispute after her husband Marshall passed away. E. Pierce, Howard's second son, was the only beneficiary of his father's inheritance, which meant that his elder brother James Howard III and Anna Nicole Smith were not provided for in the will. Neither Anna nor Pierce lived long enough to find out how their case was ultimately resolved. Pierce passed away in June 2006 from an infection at the age of 67, and Anna died in February 2007. The court ruled in favor of Pierce's family in 2014, and as a result, his widow, Elaine Tettemer Marshall, inherited a billion dollars, as a result of the legacy she received from her husband.

    5) Frédéric von Anhalt - Entrepreneur Frédéric von Anhalt said that Anna came up to him and his wife Zsa Zsa Gabor at the Plaza Hotel in New York to say how much she liked Zsa Zsa. Soon after that, he got into a relationship with Anna. From 1996 to 1997, they were seen together in public, however, Frédéric said that their relationship went on and off for more than a decade. In light of this assertion, he spoke to the media about the possibility of being the biological father of Anna's second child, a girl called Dannielynn Hope; however, it turned out that this assumption was untrue.

    6) Christian Audigier - From 1998 to 1999, Anna was openly linked to Christian Audigier, a French fashion designer. Their relationship lasted nearly a full year.

    7) Peter Nygård - Peter Nygrd is a Finnish-Canadian entrepreneur. He met Anna for the first time in 1999, while he was co-presenting the annual Oscar viewing event in Los Angeles called the Night of a 100 Stars. After some time, the duo began a relationship with one another. Their relationship went on for nearly three years starting 1999 up until 2002.

    8) Mark ‘Hollywood’ Hatten - Mark is a performer and musician. Since the 1990s, his sister Jackie Hatten has been a close buddy of Anna, and Anna's son, Daniel was her godchild. A dinner date between Mark and Anna Nicole was arranged by her. Mark said that they had an immediate connection to one another when they first met in the parking lot of Popeyes Chicken in North Hollywood. Later, he brought her to Miceli's Italian restaurant for supper. After her passing, the publicist for Mark made formal statements declaring that Anna had been engaged to Mark at one point during their romance of two years and she had two miscarriages during that time period. After that, Anna and her physician approached him with a request to provide a sample of his sperm that might be stored in a freezer for later use. He said he was the father in case Dannielynn Hope was born through artificial insemination. But, if Anna's daughter was a product of natural conception, he supported Larry Birkhead's claim for fatherhood and fiercely opposed Howard K. Stern's claim to be the biological father of the child. He accused Stern for cutting him off from Anna.Mark Hatten penned a novel as a homage to his ex-girlfriend named Hollywood's Annamania, which was first released in 2010. In the novel, Mark Hatten stated that he and Anna had been secretly married at one point in the past.

    9) Howard Kevin Stern - In 1996, Anna retained the services of Howard K. Stern and a team of many other attorneys on a contingency arrangement to argue on her behalf in an effort to secure a half of Marshall's inheritance. After falling in love with Anna, Howard began inviting her to his house for various family gatherings. 

    During his statement before the trial, he admitted that in the year 2000, they began a romantic connection but maintained an open relationship. Anna's ex-boyfriends and other friends said that Howard became more and more like a gatekeeper in Anna's life, which drove them away and attributed to their breakups. Howard had given up his partnership in the little law practice he had co-founded with Dave Shebby in order to devote his life entirely to Anna and serve solely her as a client by 2002. 

    His devotion to Anna Nicole has been described as a combination of love and obsession by those who are acquainted with the former model. Larry Birkhead said that his split with Anna was because of Stern, however, he also stated that the lawyer demonstrated his support for him by teaching Larry how to take care of his toddler once the results of his paternity claim were established.

    10) Alexander Denk - Alexander Denk is an actor, stuntman, and fitness expert. He first encountered Anna via his agency, who informed him that she was searching for a personal chef to feature on her reality program. He competed in the audition with three other guys, but Anna chose to engage him because she liked his humorous personality. Alexander not only served as Anna's bodyguard but also as her personal trainer and taught her how to make nutritious meals in a short amount of time. Their relationship remained on and off until Anna moved to the Bahamas. He too was one of the potential candidates to claim fatherhood of Dannielynn Hope.

    11) Larry Birkhead - When Anna first laid eyes on Larry, he was employed as a photographer at the popular Barnstable-Brown Gala, the night before the Kentucky Derby. She confided in her attorney and closest friend, Howard Stern, that she liked Birkhead, and continued waving and kissing in his direction in an effort to attract his notice. Larry chose not to respond because he thought the model was just posing for the camera to get good shots.

    He was engaged to shoot pictures of Anna Nicole Smith when she was participating in an eight-day camp for children living with HIV that was simultaneously being recorded for her reality program, The Anna Nicole Show between 2002 to 2004.During that period, Birkhead saw that Anna had experienced not only a physical but also a mental transformation in order to regain her previous level of success in her professional endeavors. When she was playing with the kids, she wasn't wearing any make-up or acting pretentiously, and he was able to see the real side of her nature. The photographer ended up falling in love with the model and finally moved to Los Angeles to be with her.  

    The only person who knew about Larry and Anna's live-in relationship was Howard Stern. He maintained a low profile in public by acting as her photographer and remaining in the background. From 2004 through 2006, the couple's relationship was marked by a number of heated arguments and disagreements. The duo argued on a regular basis, which usually prompted Larry to pack his belongings and leave her residence. During one of these disagreements, Anna admitted to him that she was pregnant with his kid. After another argument with Birkhead, which occurred while Anna was 6 months along in her pregnancy, she became so furious that she made the decision to relocate from Los Angeles to Nassau, The Bahamas, in order to cut Birkhead off from his daughter. In September of 2006, Anna's baby girl was welcomed into the world. She revealed to the public that Howard Stern was the child's biological dad by giving her baby girl the name Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. After that, Anna and Howard got married in a non-binding ceremony on September 28, 2006. Getty Images sold the photos of the marriage event to People magazine for $1 million. 

    In addition to that, she even sold the video of the birth of her daughter to the media.After seeing the birth of his kid on television, a sad Larry felt forced to initiate a paternity lawsuit, which carried on even after Anna's untimely and unexpected death. Following the completion of a DNA analysis, it became clear that Larry was, in fact, Dannielynn's biological dad. Her name was officially changed to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead when an amendment was made to her birth certificate. To protect his daughter from the public eye while he was raising her as a single parent, Larry relocated to a more remote area of Louisville, Kentucky. He didn't fight for Dannielynn's right to Marshall's estate because she was Anna's daughter. Instead, he used the money he made from photography and as a real estate investor by selling properties to raise her.

    12) Gaither Ben Thompson - Anna participated in a wet T-shirt contest that was held at a club known as the Freaky Tiki in the year 2005. It had been planned that the video would be captured and uploaded on her main website. It was here that she became acquainted with the real estate developer Gaither Ben Thompson. When she spent the summer at his villa in Myrtle Beach, he made the first move in pursuing a relationship with her. She was joined by Howard Stern, who was put up in the hotel's guest suite during their visit. Smith relocated to the Bahamas in the year 2006, to reside in Horizons, a $900,000 villa she said Thompson had gifted her. He refuted her allegation and said that he had only given her a loan to acquire that location. In November 2006, he went to court to get back ownership of the property.

    Anna Nicole Smith Career

    Anna Nicole Smith posing as Vickie Smith, was shown on the cover of the edition of Playboy magazine that was published in March 1992. She was featured in a picture that was taken by Stephen Wayda and published in the May 1992 edition of Playboy as the Playmate of the Month.Smith was able to get a deal to substitute the supermodel Claudia Schiffer in an advertisement campaign for Guess jeans that included a number of seductive black-and-white pictures. She adopted the moniker Anna Nicole, during her time working on the Guess campaign.Guess photographers were impressed by Smith's uncanny likeness to the Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield, so they featured her in a number of picture shoots that were influenced by Mansfield.

    Her work as a model for the Swedish clothing firm H&M in the year 1993 resulted in her photos appearing on enormous billboards throughout the countries of Sweden and Norway. Peter Lindbergh took the photograph that was used on the cover of Marie Claire magazine in October 1993. Anna Nicole Smith  also appeared in GQ magazine earlier that same year.New York magazine chose to include an image of Smith on the cover of their edition named "White Trash Nation" that was published on August 22, 1994. The picture shows her seated in what looks to be a short skirt and cowboy boots as she munches on chips. Smith sued the magazine in October 1994, for $5 million, saying that she didn't give permission for the picture to be used and that the article affected her public image. It was said that the litigation had been resolved.

    Anna Nicole Smith had great success in the modeling industry, but her acting career was never able to bring her the same level of fame or success. She first appeared on the big screen as Za-Za, a flirty superstar, in the screwball comedy movie The Hudsucker Proxy, which was released in 1994. Tim Robbins portrayed the main role, and the sequence took place in a barbershop.The following movie that Smith appeared in was Naked Gun 33+1:3: The Final Insult in 1994, which was launched seven days after her maiden cinematic launch.Her performance as a key witness in a crime garnered her positive reviews, and the movie was a financial success at the box office.Even though she received a lot of positive attention for her work in both of these movies, her career as an actress didn't improve too much as a result of either of them.In an effort to establish herself as an actress worthy of consideration, Anna Nicole Smith consented to play her first leading part in the 1995 film To the Limit. In the pilot segment of The Naked Truth in 1995, she played herself. Smith sought to resurrect her acting profession by playing a prominent part in the movie Skyscraper in 1996.

    Anna Nicole Smith featured on the variety show titled Sin City Spectacular in the year 1998. Anna Nicole Smith  featured in the documentary style movie Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed, that same year, which was a form of advertising herself and told the story of her life via a series of photographs taken during her time as a Playboy model. In the television comedy Veronica's Closet, which aired in 1999, she played the role of Donna, Veronica Chase buddy. In the year 1999, a segment of the television show Ally McBeal featured Smith in the role of Myra Jacobs. Smith had a fairly limited number of acting gigs during the beginning of the 2000s. Anna Nicole Smith  was offered her very own reality program on the cable network E! as a direct consequence of the growing popularity she had experienced among tabloid publications and gossip columnists.The Anna Nicole Show had the greatest cable rating ever for a reality television program when it first aired in August of 2002.The first episode of the show aired on the day that marked the seventh year anniversary of J. Howard Marshall's passing. The program made an effort to concentrate on the personal lives of Smith, her son Daniel Wayne Smith, her partner and attorney Howard K. Stern, her assistant Kimberly "Kimmie" Walther, her tiny puppy Sugar Pie, her interior designer Bobby Trendy, and her cousin Shelly Cloud from Texas. The program was terminated in June of 2003, and the very final segment was shown in October 2004.Wasabi Tuna, a comedy movie released in 2003, marked Smith's comeback to the acting field. The whole movie as well as her performance did not get favorable reviews. Be Cool, featuring John Travolta, included her in 2005 for a short cameo as a spectator at a basketball game. At the end of 2005, she accepted the role of Lucy in the self-produced indie parody movie Illegal Aliens, opposite wrestler Joani "Chyna" Laurer. It came out on video only in May 2007, three months after Anna Nicole Smith passed away.

    Short Bio of Anna Nicole Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith is her born and real name. Her date of birth is 28 November 1967 and birthplace is Houston,Texas,United States. She is Years of age as in 2022. By profession she is a American model, actress, and television personality. Her Parents are Donald Eugene Hogan and Virgie Hart. Virgie Hart is her mother's name and Donald Eugene Hogan is her father's name.

    Anna Nicole Smith Age and Height

    Anna Nicole Smith Age and Height
    Name Anna Nicole Smith

    39 Years

    Height 5 Feet 11 inches

    Anna Nicole Smith Wiki and Biography

    Anna Nicole Smith Wiki and Biography
    Born and Real Name Anna Nicole Smith
    Nickname Anne
    Birthday 28 November 1967

    39 Years

    Profession American model, actress, and television personality
    Birthplace Houston, Texas, United States
    birth sign Sagittarius
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Not Known
    Religion Christianity
    Caste Not Known

    Anna Nicole Smith Height, Weight and Body Measurements

    Anna Nicole Smith Height, Weight and Body Measurements
    Height 5 Feet 11 inches
    Weight 63 kg
    Body Measurements Not Known
    Eye Color Grey
    Hair Color Blonde

    Anna Nicole Smith Net Worth and Salary

    Anna Nicole Smith Net Worth and Salary
    Net Worth $51 million
    Salary Not Known

    Anna Nicole Smith Education Qualifications, School and College

    Anna Nicole Smith Education Qualifications, School and College
    Educational Qualifications Not known
    School Mexia High School,Aldine Intermediate School, Durkee Elementry School 

    Anna Nicole Smith Professional Life

    Anna Nicole Smith Professional Life
    Profession American model, actress, and television personality
    Movie Debut The Hudsucker Proxy as Za-Za in 1994
    TV Show Debut The Naked Truth as Herself in 1995
    Famous and well known American model, actress, and television personality

    Anna Nicole Smith Family Details/ parents/ family background?

    Anna Nicole Smith Family Details/ parents/ family background?
    Parents /Father Donald Eugene Hogan
    Parents /Mother Virgie Hart
    Siblings/ Brothers Name Not Known
    Siblings/ Sisters Name Not Known
    Husband Billy Wayne Smith, James Howard Marshall II
    Children/Son's Name Daniel Wayne Smith
    Children/Daughter's Name Dannielynn Birkhead

    Anna Nicole Smith Boyfriend/Husband/dating/Affairs?

    Anna Nicole SmithBoyfriend/Husband/dating/Affairs?
    Husband/Spouse Name J Howard Marshall, Billy Smith
    Dating /Boyfriend Name/Affairs Billy Wayne Smith, Donald Trump, Edward Lozzi, James Howard Marshall II, Frédéric von Anhalt, Christian Audigier, Peter Nygård, Mark ‘Hollywood’ Hatten, Howard Kevin Stern, Alexander Denk, Larry Birkhead, Gaither Ben Thompson

    Anna Nicole Smith Marriage Details

    Anna Nicole Smith Marriage Details
    Marital Status Married
    Husband/Spouse Name Billy Wayne Smith, James Howard Marshall II
    Wedding dates/ Marriage date 27 June 1994 with J. Howard Marshall, 4 April 1985 with Billy Wayne Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith Home Address and Residence

    Anna Nicole Smith Home Address and Residence
    Home town Houston,Texas, United States
    House address Houston,Texas, United States

    Anna Nicole Smith Social Media Websites

    Anna Nicole Smith Social Media Websites
    Facebook Not Known
    Twitter Not Known
    Instagram Not Known
    Website Not Known

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