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Do you want to know about Virgie Mae Hogan ? we have done a research about Virgie Mae Hogan net worth in 2022, parents, ethnicity, hеight, wеight, wifе, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut her lifе

Virgie Mae Hogan is famous as Anna Nicole Smith's mother. Her date of birth is 12 July 1951 and place of birth is Ellis County, Texas, United States. She passed away on 18 November 2018 and her place of her death was Montgomery, Texas, United States. She is well known as mother of Anna Nicole Smith. Virgie Mae Hogan daughter Anna Nicole Smith was an American model, actress and television personality.

Virgie Mae Hogan age, wiki, biography

Virgie Mae Tabers is her born name. Virgie Mae Hogan birthday is on 12 July 1951 and born place is Ellis County, Texas, United States.Virgie Mae Hogan died at 66 years of age with a long suffering with cancer. Virgie died on 12 July 1951. She is mostly known as Virgie Tabers. By profession she was an actress.

Paralee Tabers is her mother name. Her Grandchildren are Dannielynn BirkheadDaniel Wayne Smith. She has 1 sibling. Her sibling name is Kay Beall. 

Virgie Mae Hogan is recognized for To the Limit in 1995, Final 24 in 2006 and 5 News in 1998. Her nationality is American. 

Virgie Mae Hogan dating, relationship, Boyfriend and husband

Virgie Mae Hogan has dated and her Boyfriend name are James H. Arthur, James T. Sanders, Joe D. Thompson, Donald Ray Hart, Donald Eugene Hogan and David Luther Tacker Sr. .

She is a married woman. Her husband name are James H. Arthur, James T. Sanders, Joe D. Thompson, Donald Ray Hart, Donald Eugene Hogan and David Luther Tacker Sr. . 

She got married with Donald R. Hart on 12 February 1971 and got divorced in 15 June 1983 and with Donald Eugene Hogan in 1967. Her spouse Donald Hogan passed at 62 years due to cancer in the year 2009.

She was married with David Luther Tacker Sr in 1965 till 1966. She got married with James H. Arthur on 16 December 2000 till her death on 18 November 2018. Her marriage with James T. Sanders was on 4 April 1996 and was him till his death on 23 September 1996. With Joe D. Thompson she got married on 17 October 1987 till her divorce on 11 December 1991.

She was blessed with 1 children/ kids. Her daughter name is Anna Nicole Smith. Her daughter Anna Nicole Smith passed away in Hollywood, Florida, after an overdose that was the result of many drugs. Virgie Mae Hogan daughter passed away on February 8, 2007 at 39 years of age. Her son Daniel Wayne Smith died at 20 years old on September 10, 2006 in the hospital room her son passed away from an overdose of many medications. 


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