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Muriel Montrose: Do you want to know about Muriel Montrose? we have done a research about her net worth in 2022, hеight, wеight, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut her lifе

Muriel Montrose birthday is May 27, 1906 and born place is in Denver, Colorado, USA. Muriel Montrose is famous as mother of Tony Dow. Muriel Montrose son Tony Dow was an American actor, film producer, director and sculptor. Her son Tony Dow passed away on July 27, 2022 at the age of 77 years and his place of death was Topanga, California, U.S. 

Muriel Montrose age, wiki, biography

Muriel Montrose date of birth is May 27, 1906 and place of birth is in Denver, Colorado, USA. Muriel Montrose parents are James Montrose and Alice Anders. James Montrose is her father name and Alice Anders is her mother name. By profession Muriel Montrose is an actress. She is famous as Sennett Bathing Beauty. 

James Montrose and his wife, Alice Anders had raised her as their eldest child. At the age of adolescence, she moved with her family to California. She passed away on April 30, 2001 and her place of death was Canoga Park in Los Angeles, United States aged 94. Muriel was buried at the nearby Sea. She has 1 sibling. In sibling she has 1 brother. Her brother name is James Jr.

Her hometown is Denver, Colorado, where she was born and raised. Before relocating to Sherman Oaks, California, in 1997, Muriel Montrose resided in Los Angeles, California, for almost ten years. Following the death of her husband, Muriel became a local famous person in her community. Muriel was dubbed "The Cookie Lady" because she distributed cookies to the children of the area every day. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is white.

She is the grandmother of Christopher Dow. Her grandson Christopher Dow was born on 26 March 1973. By profession Christopher Dow is an actor, internet personality. Carol Marlow is her daughter in law name as she is married with Tony Dow. Her son relationship with Carol Marlow didnt work out well and Tony Dow got married with Lauren Shulkind

Muriel Montrose dating, relationship, Boyfriend and husband

Muriel Montrose has dated and her boyfriend name are Ray Lloyd Ramsey, John Dow.

She is a married woman. Her husband name are Ray Lloyd Ramsey and John Dow.

Muriel got married to Ray Lloyd Ramsey on 29 January 1927.  She divorced shortly after and was got married with John Stephen Dow. By profession her husband John Dow is a general contractor and designer and the couple got married on the 11th of February 1929. They had been blessed with 2 children, 2 sons were born to them. Dion Dow who was born in 1931, and Tony Dow in 1945. 

Tony Dow, the younger son, pursued a career in acting and made an appearance on the television show Leave It to Beaver during the 1950s. Muriel also served as Tony's (her son) manager.

The marriage between Muriel and John Dow remained strong till his passing away in 1987. 

Muriel Montrose Tony Dow death

Tony Dow death: Tony Dow Date of death is 27 July 2022 and place of his death was Topanga, California, United States. When he died he was 77 years of age. In May of 2022, a diagnosis of liver cancer was made. He passed away a day after his death was declared prematurely.

Muriel Montrose Career

Muriel Montrose career started when she was in high school, working as a bathing beauty, a stand-in for Clara Bow, and one of the studio's very first stunt women. When she was at the age 17 Mack Sennett, a producer, spotted Muriel she went on to become one of his bathing beauties. Her film career, as she was credited, was not that long with only four films. She has served as Clara Bow's body double. She has been featured in movies like Heart Trouble and The Jolly Jilter. She then began performing in Western movies as a stunt woman. 


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