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David Branch is famous as father of Michelle Branch. David daughter Michelle Branch is an American singer, composer, and guitarist. Michelle Branch albums The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper were both commercial successes when they were released in the early 2000s.

David Branch age, wiki, biography

David Branch is of Irish origin. He is the grandfather of Owen Isabelle LanduaRhys James Carney. and Willie Jacquet Carney. Willie Jacquet Carney birthday is on 2 February 2022, Owen Isabelle Landau birthday is 3 August 2005, Rhys James Carney was born on August of 2018.

His son in law name are Teddy Landua and Patrick Carney.

David Branch dating, relationship, Girlfriend and wife

David Branch has dated and his girlfriend name is Peggy Branch.

He is a married man. His wife name is Peggy Branch. His wife is of Dutch-Indonesian ("Indo") and French origin. They had 3 children whose name are David, Nicole Branch, Michelle Branch. David is the half brother of Michelle Branch.

David Branch daughter relationship

Michelle Branch got married with bass player Teddy Landau in Mexico on May 23, 2004. They became parents to a daughter in August 2005 named Owen Isabelle Landua. In 2014, Michelle Branch parted ways with Teddy Landau and their divorce was completed in November 2015. At a Grammy celebration in 2015, Michelle Branch first met Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, and the two began a relationship during the time that they were working together on Hopeless Romantic. Branch and her daughter shifted to Carney's home located in Nashville, in the year 2017.

Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney had their first child together in August of 2018, a boy named Rhys James Carney. The couple raised their children and two Irish wolfhounds in Nashville, where they made their home. Michelle Branch and Carney tied the knot on April 20, 2019.She admitted that she had a miscarriage in December of the year 2020. After making the announcement that she was expecting in August 2021, Michelle Branch gave birth to a girl in February 2022, her third kid overall and her second child with Carney. Her daughter was named Willie Jacquet Carney. After accusing her husband Carney of having an affair on August 11, 2022, Branch made public her decision to end her marriage to him.


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