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Do you want to know about Seif Boutella ? we have done a research about Seif Boutella net worth in 2022, parents, ethnicity, hеight, wеight, wifе, age, biography, аnd соmрlеtе dеtаil аbоut his lifе

Seif Boutella is famous as brother of Sofia Boutella. Seif sister Sofia Boutella is an Algerian actress, model and dancer.

Seif Boutella age, wiki, biography

Seif has worked in the movie business as a visual effects artist. He is known working for movies liek OSS 117: Lost in Rio, Homeland, My Way, and The Artist. Seif Boutella is employed by MPC, a VFX studio, in the supervisory role of visual effects.

Seif Boutella parents names are Safy Boutella. His mother's name is not known and his father's name is Safy Boutella. By profession his mother is an architect and his father is a jazz musician. His father is an Algerian musician, arranger, composer, and record producer His nationality is Algerian. 

Seif Boutella has 1 sibling. In siblings he has 1 sister. His sister name is Sofia Boutella. His sister Sofia Boutella's birthday is on 3 April, 1982. His parents raised him and his sister that was not very religious but encouraged artistic expression and creativity. Seif Boutella sister Sofia Boutella is a M. Pokora, Robert Sheehan and Chris Pine. He and his siter has  a strong connection with each other.

The date of Sofia Boutella's birth is April 3, 1982, and she was born at Bab El Oued, which is located in Algiers, Algeria. Actress, model, and dancer are just a few of her many hats that she wears in Algeria. At the age of five, Sofia Boutella started her instruction in the classical dance form, with the support and encouragement of her family. She is now an accomplished dancer. She migrated to France in 1992, when she was ten years old, with her family after fleeing Algeria in the middle of the Algerian Civil War.

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