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John Tingle Ross is John Tingle real name. John Tingle date of birth is 2 November, 1931 and place of birth is Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia. By profession he was an Australian politician, journalist and broadcaster. He established the Shooters Party in New South Wales and served in the New South Wales Legislative Council from 1995 to 2006. John Tingle is a person that a lot of people are interested in learning about. 

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John Tingle age, wiki, biography

John Tingle's birthday is on 2 November, 1931 and birth place is Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia. His age as of the date he passed away which was August 5, 2022 is 90 years. Scorpio is his star sign. His Parents are Leigh Lewis Tingle and Maureen Patricia O’Rourke. His mother's name is Maureen Patricia O’Rourke and his father's name is Leigh Lewis Tingle. He was a student student at Sydney Boys High School from 1944 to 1949. His nationality is Australian. Not much information about his family or siblings is provided.

His wife name is Pamela Chivers and Gail Tingle. He got married with Pamela Chivers in 1956 and divorce in 1976 and next marriage was with Gail Tingle in 1980 and got divorce in 2012. John Tingle was a father of three kids named Peter, Sally and Laura. His daughter, Laura Tingle, works as a political journalist in Canberra and is the main political reporter for the ABC program 7.30, which covers current events. During that period, he held a number of responsibilities, including that of head of staff at the ABC News service and supervisor of ABC Television News.

John Tingle Career

Between the years 1949 and 1951, he worked as an announcer and news editor at Deniliquin. After that, he joined the ABC as a reporter and remained there until 1968. In 1969, he changed to commercial radio. Ormsby Wilkins reportedly had a role in Tingle's departure from the ABC and his subsequent choice to pursue a career in talkback on commercial radio. Wilkins gained notoriety for being the one who took the very first legal talkback calls on radio in Australia. Before making his way back to 2SM, John Tingle hosted current affairs shows on a variety of stations, such as 2UE, 2UW, Radio Australia, 2SM between 1978 to 1982, as well as 3AW in Melbourne in 1996 and 4BK in Brisbane in 1997. After that, he was employed at 2GB from 1982 till 1992, and subsequently 2CH between 1992 to 1995. Tingle used to host the morning show on 2GB from 9 am to 12 pm. In 1985, the station signed John Laws to a three-year deal to present the morning show, so Tingle had to move to the afternoon slot.

John Tingle founded the Australian Telephone Users' Defence Union in 1977 with the intention of fighting against the accuracy of the accounting and invoicing system that was used by Telecom Australia. Tingle used his radio program to voice his opposition to backdated power costs at the beginning of the 1980s. He sent 3,000 complaints on this issue to the Ombudsman.After further investigation, it was determined by the Ombudsman that the charge was in violation of the law; as a result, the charges were stopped. In addition to his work in radio, John Tingle has hosted television shows on Seven and Nine in Sydney, ABC TV  Queensland and the Northern Territory, SBS and WIN4 Wollongong. The current affairs show Probe, which aired on Channel 9 on Sunday mornings, and a program called Police Five, which aired on Sunday evenings, were both hosted by John Tingle. A United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Prize was awarded to him in 1982 for his radio documentary that was on Pope John Paul II's Polish heritage.

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